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Natural Viagra Foods

Viagra is a name given to a substance that treats erectile dysfunction. Non-herbal viagra and the herbal viagra are the main classifications of viagra. The non-herbal viagra are mostly in form of pills. This pill will increase the libido in men but it has a lot of side effects. Some of the side effects are; high chances of heart attack, muscle pain, back pain, memory loss and shortening of breath. Natural/herbal viagra are recommended since they have no side effects. These viagra uses natural substances to raise metabolism and improve libido. The following are the best natural viagra foods.

Bananas are viagra foods. This is an edible fruit whose peels are mostly green in color when it is unripe and yellow in color when ripe. Banana is one of the most powerful viagra food. Bananas will not only offer much energy but also for a long time since they are rich in vitamin B and potassium. Bananas are also responsible for improving the testosterone production in males.

An avocado is also in the list of the natural viagra foods. An avocado which grows on the Persea Americana tree is a big fruit which has only one seed. An avocado is rich in vitamin B6. This type of vitamin is responsible for boosting libido in males. The potassium found in avocados also boosts metabolism and body development. The folic acids found in avocados boost the health of the heart.

Another viagra food is almonds. Fatty acids in almonds have been scientifically proven to improve hormone production and in turn treat erectile dysfunction. The scent of the almonds has also been proven to improve libido in women. Almonds also have amino acids which have the ability to relax the blood vessels and improve the circulation of blood and in turn, increasing passion in men.

Watermelon is the new viagra food. This fruit is rich in amino acids which relaxes the blood vessels. These amino acids facilitate the formation of nitric oxide which treats erectile dysfunction. Eating watermelons will also lead to a healthy cardiovascular system since the flow of blood will be boosted.

The dark chocolate is also on the list of viagra foods. Consuming the dark chocolate makes one feel relaxed and in turn boosts libido. The phenethylamine in this food triggers dopamine which increases libido by relaxing the mood. Dark chocolate contains serotonin which facilitates the bonding of two partners and gives a sense of excitement.

Garlic is also in the list of the natural viagra foods. Garlic is rich in nitric oxide responsible for eliminating impotence and erectile dysfunction. The heat produced by garlic improved the flow of blood.

Finally, peanut butter is another viagra food. You will have improved dopamine production responsible for libido after consuming peanut butter.

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