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Symptoms of TMJ Syndrome

TMJ syndrome is a condition that affects the temporomandibular joints on each side of the face. It is still not clear what brings about this condition. So far, the closest explanation is that their musculature of the jaw might not be in line. There are also other things that have been linked with it. There is the grinding of teeth to consider. There is so much to learn about it.

Some symptoms are seen on a daily basis that can help you to know if this is the condition you have. You can tell it is TMJ what you feel pain in the TMJ areas, or pain when you chew or talk, trouble chewing and swelling near the joints. You can also see it through frequent headaches, toothaches, and earaches. You will also feel these symptoms when it is other conditions. The good news is you can deal with them through simple pain relief.

There are a lot of complications when it comes to treating TMJ. What some doctors do is to try and eliminate each symptom as they go. They shall start off by telling you to get some pain medication. You can also be asked to use a hot and cold compress.

If there is no relief, a dental practitioner shall step up the medication. They might recommend some muscle relaxers, to ease the tension and the joint area. This shall also relieve the lower clenching in the TMJ area. In case you are not comfortable with taking medication, the dental specialist shall use alternative means. They may for instance give you a mouth guard to help prevent grinding of teeth as you sleep. It is easy to control your body’s movements when you are awake. But as you sleep, it becomes harder to do so. This is when your jaws will start grinding together involuntarily. This is why you need to have the mouth guard.

In case you are still not relieved of these symptoms, it shall be time for the doctor to perform surgery on you. This is what is applicable when it gets to its extreme point. Settling for this option takes a lot of thinking, since the root cause of TMJ is still not clearly known. The only thing that tells of its extent is the amount of pain and discomfort one feels. The best the doctors can do is to find a way for you not to be in pain any more.

The research into this syndrome has not stopped. The best you can do on an individual level is to be certain of the kind of pain you feel. This shall help in knowing how best to approach it and get it fixed. You should also not hesitate till it’s too late.

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