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Google Wave Bots

How do you set up a bot in wave?

This is a wiki. Someone who knows needs to describe what a bot is here and what an extension is below. Whats the difference and why are some things listed in both sections?

Google Wave Bot

A Google Wave bot is an automated participant on a wave. It is one of two types of Google wave extensions. (The other being a Gadget). Bots interact with a wave. New Bots can be written using the Robots API.

For more information see Google Wave Robots: Overview

Thanks to everyone who helped me keep the spam out of the way while I was gone for almost 2 days. I have since added a recaptcha to the wiki and it will be required to fill it in every time a new user account is created, or a url is added to a page. I know these are a pain but I just spent 2 hours deleting spam pages so I think it will help.

Wanted Bots

Format: A clear and short frontend description of each bot's function and do-ings, and a backend link to the creator's or support website.

  • A way to convert any webpage into a wave (sharing, adding participants, blips, wavelets, other bots, etc).
  • a Bot that will enable the importing of movies (avi, mov, mp4, etc) into a wave and play them within a blip. **Perhaps this would be better as an extension?
  • A bot to put a small star rating graphic in-line with text.
  • a Bot for google reader ?
  • A bot which automatically adds proper formatting to a script or screenplay as it is collaboratively written.
  • A Bot for embed web page or image from pages(for image from a web page see BrandBot in Conversion Bot selection)
  • A Bot that can interact with Google Sites.
  • A Bot to manage milestones & tasks in a project wave
    • A Bot to set and display calendar information related to milestones & tasks (task beginning, task duration)
    • A Bot that can aggregate multiple calendar's into one project calendar or master calendar
    • A Bot to set and display the predecessors and successors of milestones & tasks
  • A Bot for changing the video links into embedded video apart from youtube links for example - a bot for Yahoo and other streaming sites might be useful for a huge population around the world
  • A Bot that integrates gmail with google wave
  • A Bot that integrates Skype (video calling) with google wave
  • A Bot that integrates with blogging service
  • A Bot to help create side-by-side Pros. vs cons. lists
    • This can be done with Google Groups. Just add to a wave/wavelet to prevent anyone else but the owner to edit it. The groups permissions are automatically set to a wave.
  • A Bot to create/edit google docs.
  • A Bot for facebook: update status, share links, post commenting, upload photos etc.
  • A Bot that will convert organic chemistry formulas (For example the SMILES formula) into embedded images.
  • MSN Bot
  • Twitterfall bot - Where I can always be monitoring some word on twitter (definitely more useful if it is not a common word - such as my name)
  • A bot that integrates wiki and wave functionality so that this wiki could have been a waviki.
  • A bot that creates communities in a way that is integrated with wave, such that wave serves at the discussion, blogs, chat, collaboration, documents, wiki, home pages, user profiles, event calendar, etc.
  • A Bot that includes blip templates
  • A Bot that is like Jabberwacky.
  • A Bot that adds a "Last Modified" time-stamp to all wavelets created on a wave.
  • A Bot that can clean up junk comments in a wave. If you add a certain (Non-hash) tag to the end of a blip, it will be deleted after an hour.
  • A Bot or Gadget that integrates Noteflight with Google Wave
  • LaTeX bot which actually enables collaborative work on LaTeX documents (WaTeXy is a good start but no real LaTeX documents come out of it)

Non Working Wave Bots

Blog bot - - Publishes waves to blog posts.

blog_wave -

Bloggy - - posts the wave to your Blogger blog - The above three blog bots fail to function properly in the preview version of Wave. Please confirm this, and revert this edit if you can otherwise prove they all work --Pachy 21:04, 27 November 2009 (UTC)

censorbot - - - Bot to censor bad words (didn't change anything I put in)

invectivedeleted - - - Bot to censor bad words (didn't change anything I put in)

ircgateway - - | - ircgateway is a Google Wave Robot which enables you to connect with your irc-mates using Waves.

RickRolley - - Rick Roll a wave (Doesn't insert Rickroll for me and God kills a kitten every time you attempt to use it. 2009/11/22) 20Feb2010 seems to work

Roshambo - - Play Roshambo (Rock / Paper / Scissors).

RSSyBot - - Adds an RSS feed to Wave.

Watexy - - Use LaTeX mathematical language in your Waves! - Disabled due to discontinuation of Wave

Wave-Email - - Provide an extension to Google Wave which will allow the integration of both sending and receiving emails. Appears to be a "live" bot for developers to test while working on this product.

Wave Alpha - - Uses Wolfram Alpha to calculate clever stuff and query Wolfram Alpha. (Doesn't work or have usual icon for me, 2009/11/20) NOTE: this bot is deprecated, see above for working one (2009/12/02)

Unsorted Wave Bots

AddABottie - - work in progress bot adder

anti-public -

Aoifebot - - Deals a hand of 5 cards

Atoumey - - so far appears to just be a hello world bot.

awesomemoticon -

BaaS -

billowlet -

Board Game Geeky - - Adds links for capitalised boardgame titles to the appropriate page on

Bold-ee -

BotURL - - Converts full urls into hyperlinks (which wave seems to do)

Bouncy - - Bounces users (bots only for now) out of the wave

buddyasasevice -

Cachedwave-xmpp -

checkwave -

chemdevelkit -

CleanTXT - - Spell Check

Calcibot - - Evaluates mathematical expressions.

Climely - - Weather chatbot. Weather conditions for cities, US ZIP and famous places (e.g. Taj Mahal India)

CliSearch -

cmndbot - - An IRC like command bot for wave, web and xmpp

codebot-wave -

ComicSans Killer - - replaces Comic-sans formated text with a sane font

Contrepwave - - French robot that diplays all the spoonerisms containing the longest word of a blip (if size >5) / Robot listant les contrepeteries contenant le mot le plus long du blip, si ce mot est plus long que 5 lettres.

cool -

Converts-y - - Convert units from one type to another. 1.23km (?miles) -> 1.23km (0.76 miles).

craigslist-searchy - - Bot to search Craig's list

devtools -

drmaps -

Drubot - - Post Wave to Drupal

drupalembedbot -

Easy Public -

Ego Robot - - A simple, but entertaining robot designed to stroke your ego. It will reply to all your blips with 'praise phrases' like "You're Very Talented"

Eliza - - The Google Wave Psychologist

Embeddy -

Emoticony - - Turns smiley faces into images.

ethos-drubot -

Ferry - - Lets you export waves into Google Docs

Flippy - - flips text upsidedown

FML - - Upon being added to Wave, it will announce its presence by posting a random FML

fmylifebot -

Google Calendar Robot - - Robot recognizes date pattern in form YYYY-MM-DD ('.' or '/' can be used for separator also) and updates it to link to add an event to user's Google Calendar.

grails-wave-plugin -

graph-wave -

Graphy - - Creates flowcharts and graphs by searching for a marker (#!dot) at the top of a blip, and when found, adds a gadget to the bottom of the blip which presents an image of the graph. Graph edges are expressed with simple statements like a -> b.

Heustoor -

ICBots - - The testing version of ICUBots (our bot spider)

ICUBots - -'s bot spider

insulteveryone -

Invitation Bot -

kanjistroke -

Kanye West - - Kanye West Public Wave

Syntaxy / KaSyntaxy - - Does blip-by-blip syntax highlighting via lowercase commands (e.g. #!java) for a variety of languages including Python, Java, C, C++, html, CSS and JavaScript

kevinalle -

konmovies - - Gives IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes rating for a given movie.

Lastly - - shows a user's last played song on

Leprobot -

Link Easy -, or Multifunctional robot with make_public, emoticons, url-image sensitive, empty-blip-sweep, lock-title, insert gadget in easycode ... e.t.c

Magic 8 Ball - - Ask a question, get an answer.

Magic Card Linker - -

marktplaatswave -

Mathy - -

Mattbot -

messy-robot - - Integrates with the Ericsson Labs API "SMS Send & Receive" and makes it possible to have a 2-way communication via SMS in a Wave. After entering a special syntax in a Wave, a participant can trigger an SMS delivery to another user, e.g. to someone not currently online. The user that receives the SMS can reply to it and the reply gets posted to the conversation in the Wave.

My Wave ID - - Creates a blip at the end of the wave, containing the current wave ID, both in "wave" and full url formats. Can just be taken out of the wave afterwards (only works upon being added).

nacimano -

Norton SafeWave - - Validates links against Norton SafeWeb API

Notify - - Google Wave Email Notifications it's a wave robot that sends an email to the participants of a wave whenever the wave is updated.

PDF Wave Exporter - - Exports Blips to PDF documents.

Pick-ee -

PicsInWave -

Polly - - Poll bot

ProfanoBeepy -

Public - - gives a wave the public feature

pw-invity -

qrcody -

QRDataBot -

Quran Wave -

Reddit - - Posts top articles from Reddit, to use type reddit:{article name}, you can optionally limit the number of articles returned by reddit:{article name}:{number}.

Reflecty -

regexey - - Performs regex searches/replaces and appends results in a reply blip.

robshrink -

Robot9k -

RobotIndex - - An index of Google Wave robots. You may submit new robots to the index.

roller -

rosy -

Row of Four - Connect Four bot

sajalwave -

Security -

semanticblip -

Skimmy - - Similar to Emoticony, but it turns faces into animated images.

SlashChuck -

Spelly -

spelly-wave -

sumavisos -

Swedish Chef - - Bork bork bork!

Sweepy - - Cleans out empty "blips" from your wave

sweepy_wave -

systems-biology-data -

Tagdef -

Tasky - - Create tasks in Google Wave

ErPozi -

Translabot -

Treeify - - Treeify is a multi-wave robot which lets you connect waves into tree structures. With it you can build and navigate trees of waves.

Tuxaios - - A dice rolling robot for Google Wave written in Python

Tweety - - Displays your twitter feed in a Wave

Twitusernames - - Converts @usernames into urls


Verse Seeker -

Wave Archive -

Wave Email Notifications -

Wave Moderator -

wave-api-dmo -

wave-complete -

wave-defender -

wavedict -

wavedigest -

wave-discuss -

WaveGroupy - - A browsable group aggregator for public waves

wavehangman -

Wavelet Title Bot -

WaveLinker -

wave-map -

wave-plugin -

wave-reminder -

wave-toolkit -

wavetrim -

wavetweets -

WaveVotely - - With a tiny gadget, votely allows you to vote public waves up/down; enabling high-quality content to float up.

wave-whatis -

Wavy -

webmaster -

Wikify - - Adds Wikipedia links for topics

Woot -

WordPress Bot - - Adds waves to WordPress.

WP Bot -

www-3 -

XMPP - - Allows you to subscribe to waves so that your receive notifications via XMPP when users modify them (Confirmed that this works outside the sandbox!)

XMPP - - Allows you to recieve messages from a wave to any xmpp (where recipient`s jid can be nick@domain/waveId/waveletId/blipId) and to send some back to the wave.

Yelpful - - Adds an in-wave interface to

Wave Chatbots

Eliza 2 - - An implementation of the Eliza chatbot borrowed from the NLTK.

MegaChod - - A very simple insulting chat bot. Welcomes new users too.

Rude chatbot - - An obnoxious chatbot borrowed from the Natural Language Processing Toolkit.

TooAngel Wave - - A self learning robot, that will respond to a reply in a more humanoid way

Wave Conversion Bots

Acronym Decoder - - Converts over 7000+ chat, technical and scientific acronyms into their longer counterparts. "I LOL a lot." => "I Laugh Out Loud a lot."

Appropriate Casey - - Corrects all SHOUTING to lowercase.

BrandBot - - This bot shows any picture with a URL by replacing [[http://urlOfPicture]] with the picture at that url.

Buttony - - Helps to explain technical descriptions easier, by converting [shift],[b] and similar characters to graphical representations of those keys.

Converty - - This bot will do in place unit conversions for simple units. Abbreviations not yet supported.

Calcbot - - This bot will do in place calculations for simple mathematical expressions and allow you to use user defined variables.

Cartoony - - Replaces the text of every submitted blip with a cartoon balloon that contains the text instead. Colors the balloons based on username.

CBU-Bot - - Converts English text into leet using the following tag: #l <text converted> %l in Wave. Other than leetspeak, it can also convert English into Pig Latin using #p <text> %p. More information can be found at the following page:

Dice Bot - - Dice-rolling bot. Dice Bot will replace XdY (X is the number of dice; Y is the number of sides) with the results of those rolls.

Flammard - - Replaces tags with Bible verses from over 50 translations.

Fnordlinky - - Replaces "PMID <number>" with article information from PubMed.

Hearty Emobot - - Replaces ASCII art with wingding characters.

i-cron - - Evaluates Python expressions. Looks at blips in event, searches for CALC() macros and executes Python code using exec().

iglatinpay - - After having added this bot to a wave, all text that is submitted will be translated into pig latin.

IMDbotty - - Replaces links to movies/TV shows on IMDb with a gadget that displays basic information (cover, title, rating, etc...).

Inbeddable - NOT WORKING AS OF JULY/06/2010 - - Converts links to embedded objects

Insulty - - Information Needed

IPA Bot - - Changes normal letters into special characters used for phonetics.

Linky - - automatically replaces every URL inside the wave with the title of the page the URL leads to.

Piratify - - Converts wave text into pirate-speak

Plotzie - - Plots sparklines from your data.

Simlerbot - - Does link formatting (@ links to twitter profiles, # links to twitter searches, ~ links to simler profiles, [] links to simler tag page.)

Smiley - - Replaces common ascii smileys with image emoticons.

Syntaxy - - Syntaxy does blip-by-blip syntax highlighting for a variety of languages including Python, Java, C, C++, html, css and javascript.

Talk Like A Pirate - -

Trendy - - Trendy replaces markup such as this: "~~android,iphone." for a trends gadget showing the trends of up to 4 topics. hints: Dont forget the final period, and add at least one oter word in the blip before the markup string.

Word Document Import Bot - - Import a Word document into your Wave, including images and tables.

Urloidy - - Use urloid to shorten urls!

UrlFreezer - - the robot archives the state of a page the user inserts in square brackets [url] and replaces that url whit the frozen one (the link to the archived version of the page) Is helpful when you need to cite pages that are generated dynamicly and can change or dissapear keeping them frozen forever for future reference using WebCite® digital internet archives.

Yodaspeak - - Converts wave text into Yoda-speak.

yodaspeakify - - Converts wave text into Yoda-speak.

Wave Game Bots

Bard Bot - - Play many text adventure games.

Hangman - - Play hangman with a bot.

randomleetwenty - - rolls dice for a number of well-known roleplaying games

Dicey - - rolls dice, does simple math and allows multiple expressions on one line.

Wave Group Bots

Groupy - - Robot to manage groups.

Groupy2 - - Robot to manage groups.

Wave Integration Bots

mr-ray - - Beta version of email integration for waves. works great

confluxy - - Integration between Atlassian Confluence and Google Wave

Emaily - - working email integration robot. - - Creates a drop and puts the info into the wave whenever the robot is added as a participant.

Let Wave Talk - - sends updates for wave right in your google talk.

MailToWave - - Allows you to send an email into a wave. Currently works only for ascii text emails; attachments are currently ignored.

PlonieBot - - Brings wave document editing capabilities to the Plone CMS

Poppy - - Helps bridge Google Wave conversations to email users outside the Wave.

Starify - - Lets you star waves, in sort of bookmarking style.

Twiliobot - - Transforms phone numbers into click-to-call links. If user clicks a link, a call is placed to his phone and to the number in the link. The call can be transcribed and inserted into the wave as text with a link to the audio.

Wavepedia - - (IN DEVELOPMENT) Wikipedia to Google Wave gateway.

Wave Live Messenger - - Allows you to chat to your windows live messenger contacts from inside a wave.

Wikybot - - For highlighted topics, inserts short description from Wikipedia in a new blip.

Wave Language and Translation Bots

Rosy Etta - - Translator (40 Languages).

Aunt Rosie - - Translator bot

Translatey - - Translator (All Languages)

Multilingual - - Translator (many languages)

Wave Transliterator - - Change franco arab text to arabic text

TranslateBlip - - TranslateBlip allows you to send blips in your own language.

Search / Aggregation

BingyBot - - Answers your questions using the search engine

Dr Maps - - Updates a wave by inserting a map associated to an address.

Dr Weather - - Gives the weather for a City

Embedded Search Results - - Web and Image searches inline.

FML Blipper - - displays random FML story from

Grauniady - - Searches the latest items from The Guardian for a given phrase.

Rss-bot - - Add an RSS feed to a wave.

Stocky - - Detects stock symbols from a wave and updates it with the live stock price. (I pasted a stock company and symbol into a wave this bot was added to and it did nothing, doesn't appear to be working as of 12/8/09)

Wavedirectory - - a bot for public waves, which adds the wave to a directory and lets it be evaluated.

Wavethingy - - Searches Amazon for DVDs and books, and gives the author a cut of any purchases made off the links.

WorldCat-Bot - - Provides links to searches, based on user-defined queries.

Yelpy - - Searches Yelp with a user defined location and category.

Wave Alpha - - Uses Wolfram Alpha to calculate clever stuff and query Wolfram Alpha (working version).

Wave Utility Bots

AmazonBot - - Enables social product research and shopping on Wave participants can share products & reviews with contacts in real-time thanks to automatic queries by the AmazonBot against conversation keywords. The AmazonBot gadget can detect products and return inline product links or a custom full product browser.

AmazonMP3Bot - – a Google Wave robot and gadget – which enables social mp3 music research and shopping on The AmazonMP3Bot gadget and bot can detect audio products and return inline links based on a Wave conversation or keyword query autodetecting artist name, song title, or album.

Bloggy - - Information Needed- NOT WORKING CURRENTLY Bot - - Shortens the url using bitly.

Calcibot - - Evaluates mathematical expressions.

Climely - - Weather chatbot. Weather conditions for cities, US ZIP and famous places (e.g. Taj Mahal India)

CountColon - - Adds text statistics to your blips (words, lines, etc.)

Companion Sphere - - Collection of geek utils, first working verb is "lookup" for wikipedia/wiktionary one-line descriptions.

Chart Bot - - Embed charts and diagrams from Google Chart API service.

Deciwave - - Embed music flash player from GoEar, Jamendo and The Sixty One.

Dr. Music - - Get recent tracks, compatibility and similar artists. This is a [] robot.

eBayBot - - a Google Wave robot and gadget – which enable social product research, auctions and shopping on Wave participants can share auctions & information with contacts in real-time thanks to automatic queries by the ebayBot against conversation keywords. The eBayBot gadget can detect products and return inline auction and product links or a custom full auction browser.

JBreakout - - Debug utility that reports event triggers.

LyricsBot - - Automatically inserts lyrics based on lyrics[Artist:Title]

Maison - - Makes blips public at

Multi - - A quote collector. Reply a blip you want to quote with ‘quote this’ and randomly display a quote with ‘quote <>’. The bot is still being under development but you can try playing with it.

My Wave ID - - Creates a blip at the end of the wave, containing the current wave ID, both in "wave" and full url formats. Can just be taken out of the wave afterwards (only works upon being added).

Natural Language Processing - - Adds blips with NLP analysis.

Nokar - - Has many features such as translations, image insertion, insert last tweets etc.

Posterous-robot - - A robot for user to post blog in Google Wave. Here is how to write a blog using Google Wave Robot for Posterous.

Publisher - - A robot that publish the wave as a .js page evryone can see (seems to work only in sandbox)

Referencey - - A robot to manage a reference/footnote list in a Wave. Syntax: ref{text here}.

rot13bot - - A robot that rot13's text in [rot13][/rot13] tags.

Smiley-bot - - Changes the smiley symbols to smiley images. (Not working as of 12/8/09)

Smiley-robot - In Progress - - Changes the smiley symbols to smiley images.

Style Chart Robot - - Inserts a chart into a wave. Bot - - Shortens the url using , any url to 20 characters. alternative bot

WaveFortune - - Inserts random fortunes, similar to the UNIX utility.

Wave Management Bots

Read Onlie - - Records the original wave content. Whenever it's edited, the content is replaced with the original. Simple as that. 11/15 - this doesn't appear to work. A few of us have tested it. 20/03/10 - only works if READONLY has been found in text by bot, it then protects that and removes the trigger

Seekdroid - - You can list Robots, add them and find them out, easy to use. In continuous development. Website with all the information

Taggy - - Recognize #hashtags and add them as tags to the wave.

Tocgen - - Table of Contents auto-generated and updated based on the h1,h2,h3,h4 in a wave.

Google Wave Extensions/Gadgets

A Gadget is

A Gadget is an application which participants in a wave can interact with. It can extend the look and feel of Google wave.

For more information visit Wave Gadgets Tutorial

Non Working Extensions/Gadgets

Put any extensions or gadgets here that do not currently work in the preview mode.

Stocky - - Detects stock symbols from a wave and updates it with the live stock price. Does not retrieve the stock price

Voicy - - Partially disabled due to streaming provider dropout. Can listen but not record as of 01/26. A new version soon coming out.

Whiteboard gadget - - Draw on a virtual whiteboard.

Ajax Animator Gadget - - A fully integrated multi-user web based vector graphic animation authoring environment.

Checky - - Basecamp-like checklists with drag-and-drop.


Table Gadget - - This Gagbet allows you to add a editable Table to Google Wave... but it's not finished yet... change requests you can post on I try to impement it...

1TO10 Gadget - Gadget URL: - This simple gadget allows the host of the gadget to add a picture's URL so every participant on the wave can score that picture from 1 to 10.

Cleary the Helper Bot - Helps you around the wave. Will preform various mundane tasks such as clearing the wave of blips, adding the most essential bots, cleaning up the wave, !public command, and a ton of other helpful commands to save time.

Bidder - - Simple Auction.

Chart Gadget - - Inserts various charts and diagrams into Wave.

CountGadget - - Simple count gadget

Click me - - Shows a button with a counter. Each time the button gets clicked, the counter is incremented by one. Shows off how the state interaction works.

GeoLoc - - Sharing your geolocation with your friends!

HTML - - Embed any HTML into a wave.

iAdSense - - Shows AdSense earnings, stats and charts.

iframe - - Embed any web page (as <iframe>) into a wave.

image - - Inserts a full-size resizable image into wave.

ITbende - - Listen to the ITbende Podcast from Wave.

iWave - - Allows you to create a profile on wave to make wave just a little more personal. Uses facebook connect to retrieve your details if you sign in.

Licensing - - Creative Commons RDF Embedding - Planning Stage.

Lunchy - - Organize lunch outings with your friends by voting eateries up or down and posting status.

Maps - - Embed Google Map.

Napkin - - Example of Flash/Flex Wave Gadget, similar to Whiteboard gadget below - source on Google Code.

Nimbb Gadget - - Quickly record a video using a webcam and share it with all participants. Great to share thoughts easily.

Raffly - - Insert this gadget to select a random participant from your wave to be the winner. The winner of what? Well that's up to you :-)

Ratings - - Lets participants rate and review a topic (movie, restaurant, etc) in a wave and shows a tally of the result.

Retro Chat - - A chat room gadget, for "old-fashioned" chatting inside a wave.

RPG Dice - - This tool recognizes 3 operators: + (addition), - (subtraction) and d (die roll). You can leave out the number of dice when rolling one die (d10 = 1d10 (9)) and you can leave out the type of dice when rolling d6 (5d = 5d6 (16))

Slashdot Gadget - - Loads latest Headlines from Slashdot.

TDO Dice Bot - - Similar to the original dice-bot, this bot converts XdY (X = number of dice and Y = sides of dice) commands into rolls. It displays the result of each roll plus the sum total. It also supports Fudge dice (just use F for number of sides).

Troco - - Aims to provide a decentralized complementary community currency system, that is, a peer-to-peer currency system. Also you can see it as an IOU or promissory note based system.

Vector Editor - - A cross platform collaborative real time vector graphics editor.

Voicy - (or /gadget.xml to bypass installer) - A voice recording/sharing system. A new way to share thoughts, greetings and something more than emoticons, in google wave.

Who is Coming - -Show a list of all people that have said whether they will come or not. Gadget - - This gadget displays the recently played tracks from the selected users. The information is fetched from More info at

"Last seen" Gadget - - This gadget keeps track of when user last accessed a wave, useful if you want to know i someone has read the wave or not. More info at


Five in a Row - - - One versus all. Player one is the person that added the gadget. Everyone else can take turns against player one whenever a turn is available.

Cards - - Play card games. Move around and manipulate cards, and see other participants do the same, in real time.

Wave Grid - - For grid based games like D&D, add thumbs, drag them to the board, move them around, or double click to delete the thumb.

Connect 4 - - - 2 users + observers, turn locking, just waiting to write win-detection code.

Floodit - - 2 player race to fill a board with colors.

Magnetic Poetry - - Re-arrange random words to form poetry.

Sudoku - - Play Sudoku.

The Button - - A useless (I mean USELESS) game.

Piano - - Play the piano with friends on wave.

Reaction Game - - Test your reaction time.

Wave Goban - - Simple version of board game Go, you can set two players and put/remove stones (like in a real game - no score estimate, etc..)

Puzzle & Games Bots

Anagrams - - Test your word power. Anagram is a word spelled by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. Here, you have to guess the correct word by un-jumbling the letters of given word.

Bulls n Cows - - A variation of MindMaster, good exercise for brain. A random 4-letters long dictionary word is chosen by the game. Now, the player has to guess the correct word in 10 attempts. Correct letter in wrong position - a Cow, correct letter in correct position - a Bull.

Hang Man - - HangMan the traditional way. Guess the word one character at a time. Maximum 9 wrong guesses are allowed. You lose the game on 10th wrong guess.

Other Listings of Bots and Gadgets

Here are some links to some other listings of gadgets and robots:

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